3 Important Features of PDFBear You Should Need for Your Electronic Files 2447

Different industries have been using PDF technology. In fact, both startup and established companies use PDF format for their electronic files. It’s a technology that makes your computer’s hard drive files easy to manage and retrieve. Since files in PDF format don’t consume much device storage, that’s why many people download PDF files on their smartphones. 

Hence, you’ll surely find it so convenient to manage your electronic files. With your fingertips, you can automatically retrieve the document you want on your smartphone screen. If you’re dealing with a lot of PDF files as part of your work or project at school, you better need a reliable PDF file platform to help you manage and organize your electronic files properly. 

The best file management platform for PDF online is PDFBear. Many people use this platform because it has easy-to-use online tools, and you can also conveniently navigate its official website. You’ll surely get many benefits from using PDFBear technology. For you to know more about them, read the details below to check the different important features of PDFBear to help you with your electronic files. 

Unlocks Files

One of the helpful features of PDFBear is PDF unlock. If you have your file encrypted, you always need to provide the password every time you access it. However, if you forget the password you’ve set a few weeks or months ago, that will be a big problem. It further adds to your dilemma if you urgently need that file to finish school or work tasks. 

Hence, the PDFBear unlock feature will surely be of great help. Its feature will give you an option to remove the password to reaccess the file. It’ll only require you to provide it with a few clicks, and you’ll have your PDF document unlocked. Get your encrypted PDF files uploaded on the PDFBear online tool. The system will process removing the password of your files. Once done, you can download them to your hard drive. That’s how easy it is to unlock files using PDFBear. 

Protects Files

Another important feature of PDFBear is PDF protection. You might have tons of PDF files on your computer or smartphone that contain valuable and confidential information. That’s why it’ll be too risky to share your files with other devices. Hence, you need to set up a password for your confidential PDF files, and PDFBear is an expert in this job. 

The PDFBear technology uses a smart system, utilizing the 256-Bit protocol of encryption in setting up a password for your files. It means that if the PDFBear system has successfully set up the password, that’s nearly impossible to crack. 

You only need to upload your files on the PDFBear tool online. Then, key in the password you want, and the system will process saving your password to your file. Once done, you can easily download the encrypted files to your computer’s hard drive or smartphone. It’s how easy it is to set up a password to your PDF files using PDFBear. 

Organize Files

One useful thing about utilizing PDFBear technology is its organization feature. If you have many PDF files that you deal with every day at work or school, you should need this feature of PDFBear. It helps you manage your different files by properly using them in your tasks. It also enables you to organize tons of electronic documents on your computer or smartphone. 

PDFBear will let you merge similar files in your hard drive. If you have multiple documents of similar content, you can combine them to maximize your computer folder space. As part of an effective file organization, you can also combine files by categorizing them. 

You can combine files created on the same date. You may also merge files that are used on the same purpose. Make sure to rename the merge files for easy retrieval in the future. By doing this, if you have thousands of PDF documents in your hard drive or smartphone, it’ll surely become hundreds. Therefore, PDFBear will be a great help for you to manage and organize your electronic files most conveniently and efficiently. 


PDFBear is smart technology for your electronic files. It gives protection to your confidential files and unlocks your encrypted documents if you forget the password. It’ll also help you manage and organize your files on your computer or smartphone. If you haven’t tried using it yet, remember the important features discussed above, and keep in mind that PDFbear will surely help you with your electronic files every day in a stress-free way. 

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