Android Best 5 Action Games

Action games are popular on all the platforms. When playing, they will get your blood pumping, your fingers moving and therefore a great way to test reflexes and wits.

In the market, there are numerous action games including fighting games, shooters, platformers, adventure games and more.

Besides, the DNA of playing a good action game is to choose these best action games for your android and digital marketing :

Best 5 Action Games
  1. GTA San Andreas

Looking for advanced gaming for your android, don’t go further – GTA San Andreas apk is the action game you need. This game brings experience in adventure and action that is published by the famous Rockstar Games.

Having GTA San Andreas is where you play like the main character CJ. You aim at completing your missions like looking for specific people you will talk to, stealing cars and getting yourself a job.

This game was popular with Playstation, but later it spread to Xbox 360, PC and now Android mobiles. This is after GTA San Andreas developers tweaked that gameplay with high graphics to ensure it effectively performs on portable devices.

GTA San Andreas Android version has high resolution graphics that are impressive. It’s clear that this game was rebuilt for this platform.

The game comes with plenty things to do. It has an interesting storyline, so expect more hours of entertainment!

  • Modern Combat 5

Get ready for hitting the battle field with this shooter series. It’s accessible in your Android platform. With high-octane explosive action, Modern Combat fifth installment is better.

In this game, you play a role as the super soldier leading the team to glory as you shoot the terrorists, snipe enemies, bring helicopters down and more.

In case you have come across Call of Duty, then this game will be suitable to install in your smartphone. In Modern Combact 5, you can play against your partner around the world. When coordinating your strikes, it’s easy via voice chat. It’s a game that requires quick reflexes and skills.

  • Into the Dead

Into The Dead 2 is here. Zombie survival can be termed as a realistic depiction of the zombie apocalypse. The reason is that, the things you see in movies and these games, you won’t be having many weapon at the disposal in the scenario.

It’s why you find Into The Dead game unique and genuine because the objective is to run past the horde of zombies. The bullets are used when necessary. While progressing with the levels, it’s where you will get chances of unlocking various weapons having destructive power, although you’ll use them wisely.

This game is a major hit, only that sequel improves the actual storyline, special events, diverse arsenal and immersive visuals.

  • Call of Duty

It’s the most popular type of FPS game for Android mobile to consider. The best thing about this game is it’s elements of online shooting.

However, there also multiple PvP modes, high graphics, various things you can unlock and game play becomes excellent. Call of Dury has 100-player battle royale that is similar mode to Fortnite or PUBG. Besides, the standard deathmatch styles resembles that one of modern Combat or Critical Ops.

I can say that Call of Duty to be termed as top dog in this action genre. It’s also most recommended game to enjoy playing. It had to be in my list!

  • Mortal Kombat X

This Android game, Mortal Kombat X, is a game of it’s own level. It can be referred as the best you will see on the mobile platform. However, there are some that are aweresome, but they don’t give the same experience in mobile version like Mortal Kombat X. It therefore remains an exceptional game.

Besides, the game is full of iconic characters, brutal fatalities, over-the-top moves and visual stunning form. There is also plenty of blood violence and gore, all that have been captured in stunning details. So, a signature element for the franchise! Taps and swipes constitutes this gameplay mechanics.


Mobile game is regarded to be a casual alternative after you can’t access PC or console. However, that was in the past, time has changed everything. Gone are those days of choppy graphics and pixellated gameplay because the current wave of action mobile games have everything including smooth game play, stunning visuals and impressive mechanics.

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