Best Rolex Watch Collections That Every Collector Shouldn’t Miss Out

When searching for the best luxury watches online, Rolex always comes in the top 10. Over its 120 years of watchmaking history, it has never failed to amaze modern-day consumers and collectors for its intricate designs and the micro-mechanics that supports its accurate time-telling.

Rolex produces around 2000 watches per day, making it the largest watchmaker in the world. It goes to show that from that Rolex has released several watch models from the 1900s. So here are the top five Rolex watch collections you should never miss out on!

Explorer and Explorer II 

First on our list of Rolex watches are from the Explorer and Explorer II lines. Both watch collections are crafted for their consumers who love adventures and luxury watches. Rolex started manufacturing Explorer watches in 1963 while Explorer II came in 1971.

Best Rolex Watch Collections

Though both watch collections utilize Oyster bracelets, Explorer watches only show the center hour, minute, and seconds hand. Meanwhile, Explorer II offers more features for Rolex consumers. The watch models offer a 24-hour hand plus a date window near the 3 o’clock marker.

What makes Explorer watches a collectible? A prototype Rolex Explorer Oyster watch was the first to reach an oxygen-free climb to Mt. Everest. Its rich history shows its durability even in the toughest environments, making it an icon of luxury sports watches!

Cosmograph Daytona

The Cosmograph Daytona collection was released in the same year as Explorer watches. When you ask collectors about the best Rolex watches, they often suggest the Cosmograph Daytona collection. After its release in 1963, Daytona watches were the popular models of Rolex.

To know how much Daytona watches are loved, as of 2020, Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona was the most expensive Daytona watch to be sold at $17.8 million in 2017. Daytona watches have remained one of the most popular Rolex collectibles in the market.

Daytona watches has a proud history in several sports events such as motorsports. It also has one of the highest appreciation among Rolex brands. Their balanced design and contrasting colors have beaten other chronograph watch models during its time.


Popularized by the poster depicting two swimmers diving with a Rolex watch, the Submariner has since been dubbed the best dive watches from its collection of sports watches in 1953. Submariner’s impressive water resistance and corrosion have made headlines and showcased worldwide.

Rolex Submariner grew popular during 1954 and the 1970s for its durability. Despite being a luxury sports watch, they were sold in a much more affordable price range. Currently, Submariner watches become favorites of influencers as an outdoor activity watch.

Day Date

US Lyndon B Johnson was one of the most iconic owners of Day-Date in history. After becoming the first president to wear a Day-Date, the watch collection has been dubbed as the “president’s watch.” Its strong connection to the White House has made Day-Date watches as symbols of power, wealth, and success.

Day-Date is recognizable from its day and date apertures and its iconic three-link bracelet. They are the most famous watches in the Rolex premium line and are made from 18K rose, yellow, white gold, and platinum.

Aside from its exquisite materials, Day-Date watches are also made to be waterproof and self-winding. Customers can also ornament their Day-Date watch’s bezels with diamonds and change the type of gold to be used as materials, making it the ultimate status watch!

GMT Master I and II

Who does not love a Swiss luxury watch? Rolex raises the bar for optimal functionality for its luxury watches with its iconic GMT Master I and II lines. It promises water resistance of up to 100 meters deep and showcases the screw-down crown and the Jubilee bracelet.

GMT Master watches are known for their two-colored bezel in blue and black. They also feature Diamond-embellished bezels on their newer models. Moreover, it has a power reserve of up to 70 hours and features a Caliber 3285.

Its popularity as the symbol for travel started with aviation. GMT Masters were worn by astronauts and pilots and has since become the ultimate travel accessory!

What makes this one of the ultimate collectible watches in the Rolex line? GMT Master watch designs have remained the same since 1954 and have only made few upgrades to its newer models, proving its durability to the world.

GMT Master I and II have been manufactured with similar designs and characteristics. To spot the difference between the two collections, GMT Master relies on its rotatable bezel to identify other time zones. However, GMT Master II watches feature an independent hour-hand to let people compute the third time zone!


Successful men and women always have a range of Rolex watches in their collection, and it’s your time to sport one too. With several second-hand Rolex watches online, you can now get your hands on these prestigious luxury watches today!

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