Convert Your Images To PDF ThroughGoGoPDF’s Converter Tool For A Safe And Fast Procedure

PDF is one of the most used types of format nowadays, where most of the errands are in digital. PDF offers users convenient and secure file sharing due to its advanced features that other common formats cannot provide. With PDFs,  you can do anything from editing, sharing to securing them.

Hence, most people opt to use PDF rather than other formats like JPG. They usually convert their JPG files into PDF using the most trusted converter online. One of the tools that can assure you a safe and secure process is the GoGoPDF cloud-based tool. To convert your JPG files to PDF, follow these guidelines below.

Drag The JPG Files To Its Toolbox

Visit the website, open your file manager, choose the JPG files you wish to be converted, and drag them to GoGoPDF’sJPG to PDF converter toolbox. You can also click the “Select A File” button from the page to start the conversion. You just have to spare a few seconds to allow the tool to work on the whole necessary procedure.

There may be instances where the contents in your files are too private, and you are fearful that they could be exposed. GoGoPDF protected their Customers’ privacy. After conversion, all the data obtained by the tool will be removed after an hour. Thus, you will be protected from any prying eyes.

Select An Appropriate Option

After dropping the JPG files on the website’s converter toolbox, the site will automatically provide you with some necessary options to modify your document. These options are located in the upper corner. You just have to choose what is best for your document. These options are available for free.

After converting their files, a lot of people get exhausted by low-quality results. However, this is not the case for GoGoPDF. GoGoPDF has advanced features to provide users the best service in converting their JPG files to PDF; there will be no problems such as blurred images and other missing details in your file.

Click “Create PDF Now”

When you have found the right option for your JPG, click the “Create PDF Now” located in the upper right corner of the converter box, and wait for the whole process to be completed. It will take up about a few seconds. Rest assured that it will be smooth and painless as long as your device is connected to a stable internet connection.

Waiting for too long just to get your JPG file converted is a headache. However, in GogoPDF, the process will only take a few seconds to convert your images. A newly converted file will be prepared for you in an eye blink.

Download And Keep It

After the whole conversion process, the toolbox will automatically direct you to the download option. Save your newly converted PDF by clicking the “Download” button. You can save it on your smartphone or even to your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. You can also share the website’s service by posting it on your social media accounts and letting your friends know the tool you are currently using.

For users who need a converting tool but are cautious if it works on their device, GoGoPDF is the way to solve this issue. Any installation will not be needed.  The website constantly upgrades its system for better and smoother operation; users can access it using any browser.

What are some of the advantages of using PDF for online sharing?

PDF is a portable format that can be accessed and used via Windows, Unix, and even Macintosh. It is a file that is independent of hardware and any operating systems.  This makes PDF the best choice to utilize over the Web. It makes everything more convenient. In just a few clicks away, you can get what you are looking for.

In addition, the PDF file cannot be easily modified without leaving a digital mark. If you have to share some of your pictures online, they can be changed easily. However, if your images are in PDF, your friends online cannot modify them easily unless you give them access.


With its advanced features, you cannot doubt why most people choose PDF over JPG format. PDF gives them more benefits, secure their data, and makes everything painless and smoother. Thus, if you have some JPG files on your computer, and want to share them online, convert them now into PDF through GoGoPDF’s converter tool. 

GoGoPDF offers the most advanced, secure, and fastest solution to get your images converted to a PDF file. There will be no installation needed as the entire procedure will take place on their cloud. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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