Editing PDFs Using PDFBear’s Edit Tools and PDF Converter

Files in portable document format are not the most friendly when it comes to editing. To create compositions, you have the MS Word program. For making detailed and complex spreadsheets, you have MS Excel. For attractive and captivating presentations, you have the MS PowerPoint. But for PDFs, we barely have the necessary programs aside from Adobe.

Are you to the most extensive part of your patience and capabilities wherein you find yourself Googling for answers? Are there too many search results for online PDF tools? Do you still have not found the right online PDF tool to make quality edits to your PDFs? Lucky for you, you’ve found the right article. You should know more about PDFBear.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is your best choice for maximizing your PDFs. Provided that PDFs have minor limitations regarding content alterations, you will need this free online tool.  If you are not certain about how and where to edit PDF online free, you can try out the free services of PDFBear! Available anytime and anywhere, this tool is ideal for people living at a fast pace.

This alternative is best if you do not have the paid Adobe programs on your computer or mobile device. PDFBear offers a vast range of quality services. Although the free services are of good quality already, you can upgrade to their PDFBear PRO to utilize its optimal functions to the fullest extent. This subscription is perfect if you work with tons of PDFs weekly.

For Light PDF Edits

We will learn both light and heavy editings to your PDFs through PDFBear. These light edits can only be done offline if you have an installed Adobe program for your device’s PDFs. But of course, that comes with extra expense and time-consuming. If you need a PDF editor now, just have your internet connection ready and your desktop/laptop/smartphone.

Adding Watermarks To Personalized PDFs

Personalizing one’s electronic file is an excellent way to keep your file’s originality. However, ungrateful and shameless users intentionally share your file via social media without any disclaimer. Especially if you are handling files with sensitive content, copyright infringements can occur from these users. But this can be prevented if you add watermarks to your PDFs.

WIth PDFBear, you can choose whether to add a text or image watermark, depending on your wants and needs. The process only takes about 15-20 seconds and allows you to save your file with ease. For faster online file distribution, you can also choose to copy-paste your file’s URL and send it via social media or webmail.

Adding Pages Numbers For More Organized PDFs

People commonly mistake the essence of being organized. Being more particular with how office files and electronic data are arranged is essential to work your way up to success. This characteristic can also apply to your PDF management. Many PDFs do not contain page numbers.

Adding page numbers to your PDFs is not as easy as adding them with your MS Word documents. Again, they are less-modifiable with other file formats, including Word. But with PDFBear, you can add page numbers to your PDFs effortlessly! Upload your PDF to the PDFBear dropbox and position your page numbers. Save the changes and download the file!

Adding E-Signatures To PDFs

Even if you try drawing in your computer’s custom paint app, you might find it challenging to draw your real-life signature. On the other hand, PDFBear has designed a better place to draw your signature with more accurate strokes! It also has a cursive-like finish for a more legitimate signature approach.

Adding Text and Drawings

Lastly, if you only need to add a few texts and drawings to your PDFs, they also have it too! Try out their PDF editor and edit your PDFs according to your needs. In this tool, you can texts, drawings, shapes, and images. Keep in mind that you can only add minor figures using this tool.

PDFBear’s PDF Converter: For Heavy PDF Edits

Now, if you need to make drastic alterations to your PDFs, you need to go for the PDF converter. With this quality converter tool, you can transform your PDFs to their most accessible format and make massive edits as if you were making them from scratch! For starters, you can try out their PDF to Word converter.


Thanks to technological advancements like PDFBear, PDF editing has become more comfortable. Take advantage of their free tools and familiarize their functions. You can upgrade to PRO anytime for more perks and benefits.

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