Elder Scroll Blade – Is It Worth Playing in 2020?

Elder Scrolls Blade is Bethesda’s way of expanding the player by adding mobile gamers into the fray. At the same time, there is a strong fan base towards the iconic series. Is it enough to keep hardcore gamers or green horned recruits satisfied until the inevitable next installment, which still has no name? Let’s find out if Elder Scrolls Blade is a game worthy of your time in 2020! Before proceeding, many things have changed within the game, and we’ll bring you up to speed to give a fair assessment.

The Best Prepaid

Portrait or Landscape Mode

Bethesda has done a good job with welcoming Elder Scrolls Blade to the mobile market by adding the ability to either play the game in portrait or landscape mode. This gave players options with lower-end phones to play the game without sacrificing much and playing the game in preference to the player. 

All About the Grind

The content is straightforward enough for people to understand, like point A to point B for quests. Jobs are more of side quests, and it helps you level your character much more quickly. The grind also makes you level up your town, which is a unique aspect of the game that Skyrim or Morrowind lacks. This makes the game much more bloated with content that is welcome for old and new players alike.

Chests Timers Removed

From the previous iterations of the game, chests had timers until they were ready to open. This is not the case anymore in 2020, making dungeons and grinding gear a much more playful and fun experience for the average player. In the part of Bethesda, this is listening to player feedback to ensure that the fan base was happy with how the game was heading. Who likes timers, anyway?

Guilds, PvP, And More!

It’s fun playing with friends and other people; the saying is mostly present in Elder Scrolls Blade. By joining a guild, you’ll be able to interact and form bonds with people from all over the globe who share the love for the game, such a beautiful thing. It’s not every day that you get to hang out with people with the same hobbies as you unless you’re fortunate with your set group of friends.

If you seek a challenge, then fight with other people in terms of PVP in the arena. By joining this kind of content, you’ll be privy to getting extra rewards that only players who join the arena will have, in short, exclusive items. So if you’re looking to get the most out of the game, it’s best to try all contents to make sure that you have the full experience.

Still No Open World Element

As Elder Scrolls Blades is a mobile game, it’s’ a given that it already has good graphics and a lot of stories to play with. It would be too much to ask for an open-world game without asking a lot of system specs that would be best played and enjoyed on a console or pc. Bethesda has no plans of changing the game into an open-world game because they opted to reserve that experience for players who are eagerly anticipating the newest iteration of the game right after Skyrim, which was released way back in 2011.


So, in conclusion, if you still are deciding if Elder Scrolls Blades is something that you should try out in 2020, the answer is a resounding yes. With a better grasp of what players want, the developers have opted to follow and actually listen to the player-base and still stick to the overall theme of the game, which has given rise to so many players who are considered die-hard fanatics of the series. Might as well try it out, given this pandemic and the next installment after Skyrim is still considered a distant dream.

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