Fortnite Secret Skins

Reasons to do all kinds of challenges

It’s no secret that skins are the main draw of Fortnite. From Marvel to DC and everything in between, it’s amazing how Epic Games can fit all of these characters into something resembling a storyline. Bonus points for creating a story out of a Battle Royale game. Anyway, for any skin collector out there, you’d better be completing challenges, because you’ll need these ‘secret’ skins for your Fortnite account.

What are Secret Skins?

Secret skins are mystery skins. You don’t know what they look like until you’ve got them. They’re only available in Battle Pass as extra challenges to do. They usually require you to complete certain challenges throughout the season. Sometimes, though, they have their own set of challenges. Fulfilling the last requirement gives you the mystery skin and corresponding back bling, emote, or harvesting tool.

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Along the way, you can also get some new loading screens that fit the theme of the challenges. There have been 12 secret skins currently, the latest being Aquaman from the Aquaman Challenges. It’s one where it has its own set of challenges instead of having to complete certain ones from the normal Battle Pass.

A Challenging Endeavor

Of course, since the past Battle Passes won’t be returning anytime soon, it will be hard to collect past mystery skins. Note that that didn’t say impossible. Well, Epic Games can decide reruns for these Battle Pass challenges or make them available some other way. However, that’s highly unlikely for now. 

Short of turning back time, there’s absolutely no other way to get those again. Sure, it’s risky and a little shady, but with the proper precautions past skins can be easily obtained. It’s through buying Fortnite accounts for sale. Be careful if going with this method, as there can still be consequences. Risks cannot be absolutely removed from the equation. People can make mistakes or accounts can be flagged as suspicious.

Anyway, current and future skins can still be obtained! Doing the challenges also increases the Battle Pass rewards, so it’s not like you’re going out of your way. Think of it as a bonus reward you can get. Even the themed challenges aren’t really that hard to do. It might take a few rounds, but you can get the mystery skin really easily.

The current Battle Pass costs about 950 V-Bucks and also contains various rewards such as V-bucks, sprays, back blings, contrails, loading screens, and more. Remember that the secret skins are only available to Battle Pass holders, so without this, you can’t get the skin.

Past Secret Skins

Here are all the past secret skins from previous seasons.








The Visitor

The Prisoner

The Scientist


If you’ve ever wondered how or where some players got these skins, then here’s your answer. They’re not available in the Fortnite Item Shop and aren’t that rare since it’s available to everybody with a Battle Pass. They’re more uncommon than anything and have more value to skin collectors.

So these skins are another reason to do challenges. Battle Royale can get rather repetitive, so the challenges can be a welcome break from all the shooting, building, and fighting the genre asks for. With the challenges, at least you can do something else than look for other players to fight.

They’ll ask you to do a variety of things. Some of them do involve fighting with others such as hitting a certain number of headshots. Other times it’s an action like finding a specific object or repairing equipment.


These skins aren’t exactly secret beyond the fact that they aren’t revealed at first. Except maybe Aquaman, since the current challenges are themed around him anyway. The same goes for Deadpool and Wolverine. Soon enough, as more and more players get them, others will also know. A secret only stays a secret as long as less than three people know it.

Anyway, the process of obtaining them is a great distraction from the repetitiveness of the genre. You can do tasks and challenges to collect them as well as win that Victory Royale. They’re also limited, so you do have to get them while they’re available.

Enjoy Fortnite and all the challenges it offers!

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