How Does Unlocking PDFs Online Work And The Reasons Why You Should Do It Too

Unlocking a PDF file is an advanced maneuver. Most people don’t know the first thing about it, but it’s actually a pretty straightforward process when you get into it. If you’re looking for ways to unlock a password-protected PDF document, then this is the article for you. With browser-based PDF tools like PDFBear, you can easily unlock a secure PDF with so much ease!

Unlocking PDFs online

We are living in a world where PDF editing and conversion can be done exclusively online. The advancements in connectivity all over the world have afforded us with fast and streamline web-based tools that can be used anytime, anywhere you are in the world. If you think that unlocking PDFs need specialized software, you’re mistaken.

Gone are the days when a separate, third-party, feature-heavy PDF software is needed to unlock a PDF. With PDFBear’s Unlock PDF tool, all you need to do is upload the file, open it with a corresponding password, and let the specialized tool do the unlocking. The resulting file should have no password-protection at all! Which means it could be shared immediately!

Types of secure PDFs

There are two types of secure PDFs – user-locked and owner-locked. User-locked PDF files mean that primary security has been set up on the document. You will need a password to open it. User-locked PDFs are impossible to open without a password, so you’ll need to have the password first before you can unlock the file for future use.

Owner-locked PDFs are documents that are locked in terms of copyright, content, and formatting. This means you can’t do anything on the document itself unless you unlock it. This type of secure PDF can be unlocked without a password, and you can even convert the secure PDF to an editable one, where you can add, subtract, and edit the information it holds.

Why Do It Online?

So if you can do the secure unlocking on a third-party PDF software, why do online PDF tools have the advantage? Well, there are many reasons for that. Notwithstanding that powerful, third-party software is usually expensive, whether its a one-time payment or a monthly recurring fee, online tools let you do unlocking for free! Let us count the ways going online for unlocking PDF is better:


With an online, browser-based PDF unlocking tool, you don’t need to be limited with your work computer or laptop. Since all you need is a browser and a working Internet connection, it opens up a whole new world of accessibility and flexibility for you. You can do unlocking, editing, and conversion on any gadget, whether it’s mobile, console, tablet, etc. 

Password removal in the cloud

Another great feature of online PDF tools is that almost all operation is made in the cloud, so there’s no RAM or ROM requirement. Privacy and security are taken care of as well because online PDF tools are encrypted. Sensitive data are not stored. In fact, an hour or so after a particular file is uploaded, the server will automatically delete it as a further security measure and a way to make room for other uploads.

Easy, fuss-free process

With online PDF tools, you won’t have to search for the exact procedure of how to do edits, conversions, and even unlocking. These tools are designed to make everything seamless. You just upload the file/s in question, set some preferences, let the tool work its magic, and voila – you have a new PDF file ready in seconds!


Unlocking a PDF seems like it needs an expert to do successfully. But that’s not the case anymore. Anyone can do it with browser-based PDF tools from anywhere in the world!


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