How to choose the right home theater?

Home theater is very well known for boosting the sound experience of different devices like PC, TV, and others. There are many kinds of home theaters available in the market with various features. But many people get confused about which one to choose, and what are the things that they need to keep in mind? If you want to select the right home theater, then here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Wireless or wired home theater

The first thing you need to decide while planning to buy a home theater is wireless or wired. You will now get to see both of the types available in shops and other online shopping sites. Both of them have their advantages and help to get an excellent output as well.

Compared to wired speakers, the wireless ones gained much popularity over the years. Most people do not like to get those tangling cables that get easily stuck or mixed. Instead, you can place the speakers and start listening without any plugs and cables.

But that does not mean that wireless speakers are the best in the market. There are some issues you will face in them, too, like wired ones. One of the most obvious is the price as they cost more than traditional speakers.

Another downside about having a wireless home theater is you will need to charge it for some hours to get sound output for a limited time. Many wireless speakers also need to be plugged with a power outlet to run. Also, keep in mind that there is very little chance that you will be able to upgrade the sound system as the components are not separated.

  1. The purpose of the home theater

If you plan to buy a home theater, you need to know what you are purchasing these home theaters for. Based on your purpose, you need to choose the home theater as they have different sounds. If you are buying the home theater for movies, you will get another speaker type.

On the other hand, speakers for music are very different and have specific sound output. Some home theaters work very well for both of the scenarios. You can use them to hear music and watch movies or videos with a stereo amplifier.

Placing the front speakers and woofers in different parts of the home will also help you get a perfect experience of watching movies. So, make sure that the home theater that you are choosing can provide both of the outputs.

  1. 7.1 or 5.1

You will need to decide how many speakers you want in your home theater. Are you satisfied with the low number of speakers or want to get higher? Well, it mostly depends on the person that is purchasing the home theater. The primary purpose of buying home theaters is to get a perfect surround sound system. More speakers mean more sound and surround sound that boosts the experience more.

There are mostly two types of speaker combinations available in the markets that are commonly used, such as 5.1 and 7.1. The 5.1 is the cheaper one that comes with five speakers and one subwoofer. 5 of the speakers include three front speakers and two speakers for surround that you can position around the room.

On the other hand, the most expensive one is the 7.1 home theatres containing seven speakers and one subwoofer. Along with three front speakers, you will get four surround speakers in this combination. These extra surround speakers provide more surround sound in the home theatre. You can also use the height speakers to build a 7.1 setup and get very immersive sound output from your home theater.

If you have a smaller room, then the walls will reflect the sound very well, and the 5.1 setups will produce an excellent sound. Also, you will be able to save much money by having a smaller combination. If you have more space and budget, then you can again go for higher combinations like:

  • 9.2 combination – 9 speakers and two subwoofers
  • 11.4 combination  – 11 speakers and four subwoofers
  1. A/V Receivers

All of the home theaters need A/V receivers to get the fight signal for both audio and video. It works like an air traffic controller and helps to provide the signal very fast. While many home theaters come with an A/V receiver included in the package, some other does not include it.

So, you might have to buy it separately if there is no A/C receiver in your package.  Make sure that your A/V receiver is very good and high-quality as it can take the sound of your speakers to one-notch up. You will be able to buy a separate one in a very affordable range that suits your home theater well.

  1. Height Speakers and Subwoofers

While you are choosing a home theater for you, you can select subwoofers and height speakers along with it. Both of them improve the sound output of the home theaters by making them richer.

  • Subwoofers – You can add as many subwoofers as you want in your home theater. It helps to provide extra bass, which also depends on the surface and walls. You will be able to feel every kick and laugh of the movies by having subwoofers
  • Height Speakers – Adding height speakers to the home theater will make you feel that the sound is coming from above your head. It bounces off the sound and makes it more realistic with the help of surfaces. if you have a low ceiling, then it will work very good, or you will need to mount them very high on the walls 

These are some of the things that you need to check or look out for before choosing a home theater. Make sure to decide what you want and plan all the components before finalizing it.

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