How to Merge PDF Files With No Stress

Whether you are a student, an employee, or someone who keeps a lot of PDF files on their computers, a PDF tool software will surely come in handy anytime. PDF files are one of the most substantial types of file formats, but it is also one of the most convenient file types.

With that, it is essential to have a PDF tool software that can cater to all your PDF file problems. Whether you want to convert them into a new file format or merge them into one PDF file, a reputable PDF tool should be used. One of the best you can get in the market today is PDFbear.

PDFbear is a free online PDF tool that lets you convert, merge, edit, and view PDF files in an instant. Whether you are on the go or you need to fix a PDF real quick, PDFbear is the best tool to use. It is free, convenient, and it has all the features and tools that you can use in every PDF dilemma.

How to Merge PDF Files With No Stress

Why merge PDF files?

Sometimes, there are PDF files that come in different folders, but they are connected. A good example would be a book in PDF format. If a particular book has three volumes, you can merge all three PDF files into one PDF to make it more convenient and comfortable for you to read.

Keeping all files in one PDF file is also one way to stay organized. PDFbear is the best PDF tool to use if you wish to merge pdf files in an instant. If you are not sure how to use the tool online, you will learn how to use PDFbear quickly in this article.

Merge PDF using PDFbear

As mentioned, PDFbear is the most convenient PDF tool to use when encountering dilemmas in your PDF files. When using PDFbear, you will have to follow four steps only. Once you’re done with all four levels, you will be able to successfully merge your PDF files.

To start, you will need to select a PDF file on your computer. You can also upload one from your cloud storage. When you’ve already chosen a file, easily drag and drop the files on PDFbear’s server. The data will upload immediately.

Next, choose your options. Since you are merging PDF files into one PDF file, select the PDF combiner. This tool will allow you to merge multiple files in one single file. Modify everything, as long as it is necessary. Once done, hit “Combine,” and it will join the data right away.

When the PDF file has merged successfully, you can choose to download it back to your computer. PDFbear supports all types of cloud storage, and you can save the file there too. However, if the data is urgently needed, you can send the file immediately via email on the server.

Why choose PDFbear?

Now that you know how easy it is to merge PDF files in one document using PDFbear, you will know how efficient the PDF tool is. However, aside from fast and efficient merging, PDFbear has more features to offer that will impress you more.

One of the coolest features PDFbear offers is it has the most secure system. The company values their customer’s privacy and file confidentiality above everything. Thus, when users upload their PDF files on the server, they will only keep the data on the website for a limited time. It has the best Privacy Policy, among other PDF tools in the market.

Next, this PDF tool is best for everyone who is always on the go and to those who are busy 24/7. The PDF tool is online-based, so you don’t have to do installations for you to use PDFbear. Just go to your web browser, search PDFbear, and use it for your PDF files whenever and wherever you are.


If you always handle tons of PDF files and you are looking for a PDF tool that you can trust, PDFbear is truly the best one to get. It is free, can be accessed whenever and wherever you are, and you don’t have to worry about your file’s confidentiality because PDFbear is trustworthy.

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