Is Farming Exalted Orbs in PoE Better on PC or Console?

PC or console? Which will reign supreme in terms of the best way to play Path of Exile?

Path of Exile is one of the most accessible games to date. With it being available on so many platforms these days and cross-play support being added in, there’s absolutely no reason for gamers to not give it a try not unless it’s not their cup of tea, to begin with. With so many options to farm Exalted Orbs and other types of PoE currency, Path of Exile is one of the best ARPGs in production to date. With Grinding Gear Games on the reigns, players are hoping that Path of Exile will just keep on getting better. That being said, there’s still the age-old question that remained to be answered: what is the best way to play Path of Exile? Since the game is available on console, PC, and soon on mobile phones, gamers have to wonder what’s the most optimal way to play the ARPG.

In Terms of Performance

When it boils down to performance, playing on a console is far more consistent compared to PC. This is due to the lack of variation in the hardware. With a similar generation of consoles being years for the past few years, there’s not a lot of new things going on with every new console release. This in turn results in most of the hardware being similar, with only a couple of minute differences such as upscaling the graphics and SSD. That being said, this means that console players will have no problems when it comes to farming PoE currency such as Exalted Orbs.

Allcracksoft.com_Is Playing Path of Exile Better on PC or Console

When it comes to PC, the hardware that’s available to a gamer varies substantially. If someone were to use an older PC that has an outdated GPU or CPU, then it’s highly likely that they’ll have much worse performance compared to playing on a PS4 Pro or a PS5 which can be argued offers excellent hardware for the money.

The only downside to using a console version of Path of Exile is that they tend to stutter and experience more blue-screens compared to using a PC. At the very least, these kinds of problems tend to be resolved quickly once the updates roll in. Consoles have a reputation of getting secondary treatment compared to the PC version of Path of Exile, although that’s understandable, considering that most of the community in PoE tend to lean towards using a PC to play the game.

Controllers Versus Keyboard

It’s not an understatement to say that playing on a mouse and keyboard is so much easier when booting up Path of Exile if a PC player is transitioning to the console version, but we’d have to give both variations a tie here. On PC, players can aim their mouse and click on the ground to cast spells to attack. Meanwhile, console players would have to use the direction pad to aim their skills and direct the attacks to the closest enemy.

Now, there’s no right or wrong way to play Path of Exile, but players have to keep in mind the pros and cons of each peripheral. Using a mouse and keyboards is the best way for those that prioritize granular control above else. If they want to have full reigns on every move that they make with their character, then the mouse and keyboard are the way to go.

On the other hand, controllers will have to make use of a semi-automated control that aims for the players without them having to do anything. However, this makes it extra difficult for those that utilize a build that relies on using two skills to hit a target at the same time. This throws off a player’s aim, but at the very least, everything can be done at the comfort of their couch or sofa. The beauty of the controller lies in its flexibility. Players can either use it sitting up or lying down. Since it’s, but a small gadget that doesn’t necessarily need to be used wired either, they can play Path of Exile comfortably.

Who Wins?: The Verdict

Many would argue that playing Path of Exile using a PC is the better choice, but truthfully, it all boils down to a gamer’s situation. If a player has a souped-up PC that costs thousands of dollars, then, by all means, that is indeed the best way to farm PoE currency such as Exalted Orbs. However, if they don’t have the means to own such a thing since building a PC tends to be expensive, then playing PoE through a console is the next best thing. Besides, players have the option to plug in a keyboard and mouse on their PS4 or Xbox anyway. What do you think is the best way to play Path of Exile? Let us know down below.

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