LinkedIn Facts You Need To Know

We live in the 21st century, and life is totally different from how we used to know it. The modern digital era made a massive twist in our ways of daily living. Although everything has its pros and cons, focusing on the positive effects is always a better approach. Adapting to the drastic changes might not be easy, but it is the only way to survive and succeed. 

Job application is also heavily affected by technological advancement. Especially in this pandemic situation, applying is mostly done online. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for job applications and is continuously growing and making remarkable figures; it’s as if it has become the modern standard. How much do we know about it? 

The People Who Started LinkedIn

Famous for being the social network platform for aspiring professionals, LinkedIn has become the connection for job-seekers and employers needing competent employees. Before we go jumping to numerous LinkedIn facts, we shall start at the five people who created it. Starting way back in 2002,  Reid Hoffman, a venture capitalist, started LinkedIn with his trusted team. 

The team involves Allan Blue as their product manager, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Valliant as engineers, and Konstantin Guericke as their marketing professional. These mighty five made a massive breakthrough in job hunting, making it easier for both parties. Here are some other facts that might be of your interest:

LinkedIn is now a gigantic platform with 546 million users in at least 200 countries. Most of its users are men with 57%, and 43% are women. It has become a standard connection in the corporate industry since 30 million companies are connected worldwide. As of today, LinkedIn is still at the top spot as the world’s largest network for professionals. 

The Focus of LinkedIn is on the Professional Connections of Users

While we have these famous social networks Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, LinkedIn’s emphasis on the professional connections of users separates it from the other platforms. They focus more on personal experiences, leisure, and recreational activities. LinkedIn is purely concentrated on professionals getting to know other professionals. 

Your Profile is Almost Equivalent to Your Resume

If you can particularly remember your resume’s details, then creating your LinkedIn profile is a piece of cake for you. LinkedIn profiles compose your employment and educational history and advise you to list your strengths and outstanding skills. Though this profiling, gigantic employers you wish to penetrate can notice you faster and easier. 

Microsoft Owning LinkedIn

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 with an approximate worth of $26 billion. The corporate giant’s acquisition helped LinkedIn to soar higher since its earlier years were having profitability difficulties. By 2017, LinkedIn had over 500 million members from different countries. Up to the current date, LinkedIn is continuously proliferating. 

LinkedIn’s Generosity and Average Salary

LinkedIn is pretty generous to its employees and interns. Their internship programs provide various benefits such as free food and beverages while in-office, free gym and fitness classes, and free professional and social development schemes. They are also paid during company holidays and provide relocation allowance for their interns. 

They also do not limit their employees to work at the office the whole time. Social events with numerous interns and employees allow them to explore deeper with more opportunities, and speaking engagements from company executives allows them to learn more. LinkedIn’s annual average salary ranges from $72,264 to $167,027. 


The proper and wise utilization of these social network platforms allows us to re-discover ourselves and find our more profound strengths and weaknesses. While some may have been used to the older ways with less technology, it is more advisable to adapt to these drastic changes to continue living the life we always dreamt of.  

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