Netflix: One of The Best Streaming Services in 2020

Gone are the days where we have to sit in front of the TV to watch our favorite movies and tv shows for entertainment. We can now watch them anywhere we ago thanks to the internet. With a stable internet connection, we can instantly hop on to a streaming service and choose from thousands of movies and the latest TV shows. 

Netflix, in particular, became one of the best streaming services with over millions of subscribers worldwide. Netflix has a large variety of award-winning movies, documentaries, movies, and many more that you can choose from. With a plan subscription, you will be able to enjoy unlimited entertainment without encountering any ads.


What is Netflix?

Netflix started as a company that offered online movie rentals. Fast forward to 2007, Netflix started to introduce streaming, which allows its subscriber to watch movies and tv shows instantly on their devices. Today, Netflix has a library of around 1,300 original movies and TV shows, including the Oscar-nominated The Irishman, Roma, and Marriage story.

Netflix currently has around 167 million subscribers across different countries. That figure alone makes Netflix one of the best streaming services today. There are also different streaming services that you will find, such as Hulu and Disney plus. All of them have different features that make them distinct from one another. 

Instant Entertainment

Netflix has many high-quality movies, and TV shows that you can choose from and enjoy. Just like what was mentioned above, with a subscription, you can instantly choose any video from Netflix’s library and watch them anytime you want. Netflix is always adding new movies and taking away the old ones, so make sure that you always stay tuned on what’s new.

Original Content

Over the years, Netflix successfully managed to secure its original content. They have started to shift from licensed content to produce their own shows slowly. The original content that you see on Netflix now has improved, and it seems to continue to do so. One of the popular shows that are under the Netflix Original label is The Witcher.

Subscription Plan

Netflix has three subscriptions that you can choose from. The basic subscription will cost you around $9 per month, which gives you access to its basic features. Meaning, you can only have one screen you can watch on at the same time. HD and Ultra HD is also not available on this subscription plan. 

The standard subscription allows you to watch on two screens simultaneously, and it allows you to watch movies in HD. It will also cost you around $13 per month. The premium subscription, which is around $16 per month, gives you the ability to watch on four screens simultaneously. It also allows you to watch all the videos in HD and Ultra HD. 

All of the subscription plans will allow you to watch all the videos that you want on any device. There are only minimal differences in each plan, and it doesn’t affect how many movies and TV shows you can watch. Cancellation is also allowed in case you want to stop using Netflix. 


Netflix has tons of original TV shows and movies, which many people consider as one of the best in modern entertainment. It has a vast collection of shows that you can watch any time you want, what could be better than that? If you want to try how good Netflix is, you can start with the one-month free trial.

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