New World Patch 1.0.2 Update Brings Much-Needed Bug Fixes

New World’s second update, Patch 1.0.2 is set to bring light to the game-breaking bugs that players have been abusing as of late.

The MMO that took the world by storm, New World, went down starting from 11 AM BST for maintenance. Assuming that Amazon Game Studios’ estimation is true, that whole thing will take about five hours to finish. Patch 1.0.2 is New World’s second update since its initial launch. On the flip side, this means that there’s going to be a ton of bug fixes and much-needed adjustments done to Faction Missions. Amazon Game Studios is also set to further set up upcoming server transfers which they promised will be a feature that will be available to players in the future. Unfortunately, there are no New World items to be found in the update, nor are there any new quests for which players can earn New World coins. So just what can players expect in the Patch 1.0.2 notes? Let’s find out.

Goodbye to Faction Mission Abusers

There are going to be some big changes for the many different game mechanics that players have been taking advantage of recently in New World once the 1.0.2 update rolls out. By far, one of the biggest changes concerns the Faction Mission system. Patch 1.0.2 is set to adjust the rates of influence gain over time, making it harder for players to flip a territory and declare War. As of this moment, it’s fairly easy to do this, resulting in a lot of the folks abusing the mechanic like crazy. However, after the 1.0.2 Patch releases, it’ll take a lot more grinding for factions. Amazon Game Studios will remove the decrease of defender influence and also the rates of influence gain over time for the attackers. So for those that are using the Faction Missions to farm New World coins and New World items, they can kiss what they assumed to be a foolproof method goodbye.

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More Updates

Most of the PvP issues stem from those that have been abusing the Faction Mission, but thanks to Amazon Game Studios finally addressing the problem, there are a lot more significant changes that were made beyond decreasing the defenders’ and attackers’ influence when waging War. For starters, territory influence will no longer be reset (which occurs sometimes) after an invasion has happened. Plus, players are no longer allowed to overflow settlement storage if they have expired contracts. Also, leather farming is ultimately nerfed due to the updated implementation that Boar Island will no longer have twice the amount of boars. All in all, the updates in the patch are mainly concentrated on what the players have been overusing in the game. 

On the upside, the Hapless Homestead will finally have enough quests to accommodate the faction quests requirements. Before the update, players were always complaining about the lack of quests to get their requirements going. Hopefully, this will no longer be the case. What’s more, the Marshjaw will now respawn faster, making it a viable option for those that are looking for another farming method.

Players Find Redemption

There’s been an ongoing problem of players getting kicked and temporarily or permanently banned from New World, no thanks to Easy Anti-Cheat. This is quite unfortunate for the innocent players. But once Patch 1.0.2 is released, their voices will finally be heard as they’ll receive proper communication as to why they’ve been removed from the servers and to have a better understanding of the penalty that they have received. For those that think that they did no wrong, they can further communicate with Amazon Game Studios’ customer service and explain their side of the story.


Those are more or less what the major updates for Patch 1.0.2 are. There are a bunch more written in the patch notes, but everything else besides the ones we’ve mentioned falls under the usual bug fixes rather than the quality-of-life features or additions. There’s still a lot of tiny little bg fixes that need to be worked on, and luckily, Amazon Game Studios doing the best that they can to do just that. New World is still a new game, after all. And although the issues seem fairly easy to modify quickly thanks to bug fixes like these days, there’s still a lot of work to do before everything in the MMO is as stable as it can be. As such, players shouldn’t expect any New World items or New World coins farming methods just yet. What do you think of the Patch 1.0.2 update? Let us know down below!

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