PDFBear Guide and Tips: The Best Way Of Adding Watermark to Your Portable Document Format or PDF

In the past, the configuration and modification of most documents were complicated. However, now that online converter tools are everywhere available to facilitate the management of your documents. Moreover, most online tool converters provide their services even for free to entice additional consumers.

The development of digital materials and their use is certainly one of the most extraordinary things we have in our current generation. A popular online PDF converter tool is the PDFBear that provides a range of online utilities for your PDF files, and many of the internet users suggested this platform.

In this post, we cover an online application that might assist you in solving your difficulties with your electronic document. We will also showcase some incredible functionality for choosing PDFBear for your everyday electronic document needs as your online converter.

Add Watermark To PDF File

It is recommended for you to add a watermark to your PDF file to make it more secure. However, adding a watermark to a PDF file might be tricky, especially if it is your first time doing so. Hence, the overall usage and advantage of using PDFBear as your online converter tool to help you with your document difficulties.

It is possible to easily add Watermark to your PDF file by visiting the website of PDFBear and browsing through its home page, the Add Watermark to PDF file online tool. As soon as you click on the said online tool, you will be transferred to a new web page to start converting your PDF file. You don’t have to be hesitant because you will also be provided with comprehensive instruction like this one.

Step 1

The first goal you want to achieve is properly uploading your PDF file into their system. In reaching this goal, you can select your PDF file and upload it into their system. An alternative action to widen your options is to drag and drop the PDF file into the allotted box provided for the documents.

Step 2

The second step is to decide whether you want to use a text type of Watermark or use an image watermark for your PDF file. Then, you can type in the text that you want for your PDF file, or you can upload an image that you want to use as your Watermark.

Step 3

Person With Grey Ring Using Macbook Pro

The third step is to submit the Watermark that you have chosen to use and wait for the conversion process of your PDF file to be completed.

Step 4

When every step is completed, you can now download the newly converted PDF file into your preferred storage location.


When it comes to putting your vital documents online, most people are reluctant. Hackers and persons with evil intentions are everywhere, and when you upload your documents to a new website, you should feel safe. Therefore, the actions PDFBear takes to let you feel sure when their services are used.

One of the additional safeguards taken by this website is that PDFBear deletes any document on their servers an hour later to make your document publicly secret.


One of the most frequent difficulties in our digital era is that storage is running out. Although most devices are designed to accommodate enormous documents, it remains vital to conserve every file size to generate room for your other online operations.

One of the most significant ways to conserve space for your storage device is to optimize your files so you can share and save space much more uncomplicatedly. Another approach to preserving space for storage on your device is to keep your documents using online storage such as Google Drive and DropBox.

Online storage means that your documents are stored efficiently. When using online storage, you may access your documents anytime and anywhere. You are fine to go as long as you are linked to a reliable internet connection.


You may access PDFBear from any of your preferred platforms. It supports the most critical platforms nowadays, such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. This tool may also be accessed by any browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and many more. It is one of the most comfortable online tools for your documents.


One of the most excellent things to enjoy is having an online PDF converter such as PDFBear these days. It is quite helpful in managing your documents and in solving your document issues. For its document demands, PDFBear has been proud of its easy and high-quality job.

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