The Best Prepaid Deals from AT&T in 2020

In 2020, there are over 3 billion smartphone users in the world, which means people get to know the latest news and information about everything under the sun by just searching for the right keywords online. People post on different online platforms about what’s happening around them at this very second.

Thus, being connected to the internet has already been a necessity for almost everyone before we know it. However, postpaid plans can be costly for someone who’s mostly on their laptops and computers 24/7. Some opt for prepaid instead. If you’re one of them, check out these plans below.

2GB Plan – $35/month

This AT&T prepaid plan is one of the most preferred by AT&T users. With just $35, you can have a 2GB high-speed 4g LTE data for the whole month. It’s the most budget-friendly plan available among AT&T prepaid plans. With AutoPay, you can get -5$ on your monthly payment!

You can use your data for HD streaming while you are on a bus or train home or while waiting for a friend at a meeting place. It’s also great as a hotspot for your friends or colleagues for any emergency or a quick post on your social media platforms. However, since the plan only offers 2GB, always keep your data consumption in check!

If you’re on a quick trip to Canada or Mexico, you can call your loved ones back home since it’s pay per use. Additionally, you can text from the US to several other countries. Overall, this is a good plan for someone on a tight budget and spends more time online on their desktop computers and laptops.

8GB Plan – $50/month

With AT&T’s service, paying a little more will get you the best plan. The 8GB prepaid plan is favored by many AT&T clients who are spending most of their time using their mobile data. What’s best about this plan is the discount. When you pay for three months, it will only cost you $99 total. That’s like paying only $33 per month!

If you prefer to get the more affordable option for this prepaid plan, you can pay the $300 for a year subscription. That means you get a 50% off from your monthly payment. You can pretty much save money if you choose the three months or the 1-year payment. Another option would be paying only $40 per month via AutoPay.

In addition to its doubled mobile data, you can still use this as a hotspot, and you can call and text anywhere in North America without worrying about increasing your bill payment. You can use this in Canada and Mexico. It’s perfect for loyal clients of AT&T!

Unlimited Plan – $65/month

For heavy data users, AT&T has a prepaid plan perfect for influencers and whoever needs to be online 24/7 for work or entertainment. With just $65 per month, you will have unlimited data. That means you will have to say “goodbye” to the constant mobile data checking. If you pay via AutoPay, you will get $10 off your monthly bill.

It’s perfect for anyone who likes watching movies most of the time or for fangirls supporting their favorite bands and shows every day! Just like the 8GB plan, you can call anywhere in North America, Canada, and Mexico. Also, you can send messages to 100 countries worldwide.

Unlimited Plus Plan – $75/month

Another Unlimited plan for AT&T users gets you into the 5G network and unlimited 4G LTE service at the same time. This plan also offers a 10GB hotspot data so you and your friends can get online for more extended hours when you’re on vacation in the country!

While it might seem costly for some, you can avail of this plan for a much lower price than the $65/month Unlimited plan. If you pay via AutoPay, you can have this plan for only $50 per month! However, the internet speed may slow down after 22GB due to the busy network.

Best Value 8GB2 Plan – $25/month

This new offer from AT&T is best for users who are already enjoying the perks of the 8GB plan. To avail of this plan, you have to pay $300 upfront. You will get the same service from the 8GB plan but only pay $25 every month. However, this plan is an online offer so go to AT&T’s website to acquire the plan now!


AT&T has been the top telecommunications company in the world. It’s always looking for ways to offer the best and budget-friendly options so that anyone can be online and able to connect to their friends and family in just a few taps. Found the right plan for you? Get your first prepaid plan on AT&T today!

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