The Best Watch for Adventure

Adventurers such as mountain climbers always make sure that they have the necessities that they need before starting their journey to the top. These necessities include food, water, tools for navigation, sun and snow protection, first aid, a Swiss army knife, a place for shelter, and the exceptional Rolex Explorer.

You might think that a Rolex watch is not valuable for mountain climbing but it is because it is your best companion for adventures. If you’re curious about why then keep reading.

Rolex Explorer 1

The Watch that Conquered Great Heights

The Rolex Explorer 1 is one of the watches with a well-known story as it was told to be worn by Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the first people confirmed to have reached the summit of the great Mount Everest in 1953. Although this idea is heavily debated, at the time Rolex was one of the sponsors of the expedition and lent a customized watch to Sir Hillary for extensive testing after the hike.

Something that you would not expect to last the whole duration of a mountain hike, let alone the hike to the summit of Mount Everest, is a watch. But the Rolex showed its resiliency and reliability that started with the British Mount Everest Expedition of 1953 and has never faltered since then.

Initially, the watch was called an Oyster Perpetual, and eventually, the name ‘Explorer’ was given to the model after the expedition because it was able to conquer high altitudes and had high visibility under extreme weather conditions in Mount Everest.

Unchanging Robustness

After Hillary and Norgay reached the summit of Mount Everest, the Rolex Explorer model was created and is known for its ability to withstand the harshest situations and circumstances. The durability of the Rolex Explorer is its key aspect that was designed specifically to cater to people who go to extremes, to places where environmental conditions can change without a moment’s notice, people such as adventure seekers.

The Explorer’s robustness is a combination of four brilliantly engineered mechanisms. First, to make it waterproof up to 100 meters, the Twinlock winding crown with its two sealed zones assures just that. Second, the Paraflex shock absorber is the foundation that allows the movement to withstand strong and sudden impacts. Speaking of movement, the Rolex Explorer sports its exclusive caliber 3132, a self-winding Perpetual mechanism. It is a certified Swiss chronometer ensuring precision time-keeping. Lastly, the 904L stainless steel that makes up the case of the Rolex Explorer adds that elegance to its alluring robustness.

On your wrist, the Explorer is meant to be a tool. Unlike other watches, it is something to take with you not just to parties, galas, or business meetings but on endless adventures.

Timeless Design

Although the Rolex Explorer model has been around for numerous decades, its design is timeless. It carries a vintage charm but does not look outdated. It has an elegant design that sits on a sweet spot in between which allows generations of customers to fit in with the design. The Explorer’s design was bred with practicality in mind. It had to be easy to read at a glance and with the utilization of luminous paint, it is just as effective in the dark. The earliest models of the Explorer used tritium paint as a luminous compound.

The iconic staples of the model include the 3-6-9 dial configuration, the triangular marker at the 12 marks, the rectangular markers for every other hour, the Mercedes handset, and of course, the Explorer mark until revisions were made in 1989.

Adaptive Features

Throughout the years, Rolex has pursued its innovation and continuously improved the Explorer model with the succeeding versions. The glossy black dial was transformed into an elegant matte black and the gilt indexes were also replaced with a crisp white font. These subtle innovations paved the way for the current Rolex Explorer.

Two decades after the first iteration of the Explorer, its movement was upgraded to enable the use of a hacking second hand. This made it easier to accurately set the time and to synchronize time with other watches. This was particularly important for soldiers. The self-winding caliber 1030 was also replaced with the 1570 caliber that had a 42-hour power reserve and a higher frequency at 19,800 BPH.


The one tool watch to have is the Rolex Explorer! Its durability is unparalleled, it embodies a utilitarian and sophisticated design, and it is flexible for any occasion. An investment that you should take part in definitely.

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