The Group Ironman Mode of OSRS

Ironman, but with a group!

Ironman mode in OSRS is a challenge. Players can’t trade with others at all. They have to gather materials and OSRS gold themselves. Comparable to this is Path of Exile’s Solo-Self Found feature. Hardcore steps it up by giving the player one life to live in addition to standard restrictions. Ultimate Ironman steps it up with even more restrictions on top of those on standard and Hardcore.

Now, here comes another variation of the Ironman mode, the Group Ironman mode!

What Is It?

To put it simply, its Ironman mode, but this time, your friends can accompany you on your adventures. Group members can trade with each other using a shared inventory, but not to others outside the group. They get a uniform, the ability to group up in tough raids such as the Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood, or the Nightmare of Ashihama.

Usually, Ironmen have to do those solo. Those are already tricky even for standard mode players, so what more for Ironmen? Of course, with hard work and good preparation, they can be done solo. It’s the best way to make sure they get the proper rewards. Going in with a team of standard players doesn’t guarantee they get the reward they want.

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Restrictions and Mechanics

All standard Ironman restrictions apply. Well, some of those restrictions were changed to adjust to applying to a group instead of an individual. Generally, it does work the same way except you have allies to help with the farming and gathering. Buying OSRS gold for sale isn’t possible with these restrictions, so you’ll really have to cooperate and gather it yourselves. The same goes for getting OSRS items for sale.

One of the new things about it is Group Prestige. It’s basically a marker that says your group members haven’t changed from the beginning. It disappears once a member leaves or is added to the group. There’s also the Individual Prestige, which raises the restrictions on trading OSRS GP within the group. Players lose it upon leaving and joining a different group.

Take note that Group Prestige may be lost by adding or losing a new member. However, as long as you stay in your group, you won’t lose Individual Prestige. Prestige is represented by a star next to the group name or player name.

Players can also now visit other group members’ houses. Sure, they can’t do so if their friend isn’t online, but that’s still a step up from the standard Ironman modes.

Creating and joining a group can only be done in the Node. It’s an island off the coast to the south of Tutorial Island. You may choose to become a standard player if you’ve left a group, but you cannot go back to the Group Ironman mode afterward.

For Hardcore Group Ironman, the number of members is equal to the total amount of times anyone in the group can die. Groups lose lives when players leave it, so it’s a commitment to make to keep the prestige.


This new mechanic brings a new dimension to the Ironman mode. The dynamics would be different. While there is more to gather or farm, having manpower can balance that. With more manpower, it’s easier to get the supplies needed, even if there are more of them needed. With their help, the thought of buying OSRS gold wouldn’t even cross your mind. It’s impossible in the first place anyway.

If it passes the polls, Group Ironman will officially be released on October 6. If this is something you’d like to try, vote for it in the polls! Keep on enjoying OSRS!

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