The Proper Use of Emojis: Know Their Proper Meaning

With the current technology, it is easier to communicate with someone in any method, such as using a gadget or applications. The current generation is frequently utilizing different emojis when they are texting, messaging, or sending emails to other people. The emojis that we have are enough to connect with different people and to put meaning and colors to our messages or texts. Because we can easily access, download, or send many emojis, it’s pretty easy to express what you feel through a text.

Using emojis can help anyone deliver their emotions or feeling with no words included in a message. Since we always use emojis every day, there are instances that we don’t know the meaning of some of them. With that, this guide will conveniently provide their details. So here’s how to properly your emojis and know their correct meaning.

Fingers Crossed Emoji 🤞

The first emoji that you need to understand the meaning is the fingers crossed emoji. This emoji type mirrors the hand of a human with the index and middle finger extended while crossing over each other. It is used by many people to wish luck for someone or express hope over something. Besides that, some individuals use this emoji to excuse themselves while telling a white lie and begging God for guidance and protection. The default skin color of this emoji is yellow.

In the year 2016, developers launched this frequently used emoji. Others would primarily mention it the Fingers Crossed Emoji, while some would call it the Good Luck Emoji.

Kissing Face with Closed Eyes Emoji 😚

This emoji is another one that people would frequently and typically use every time they send messages. The emoji portrays an image of a circular face sending a kiss while both eyes are closed. The Kissing Face with Closed Eyes Emoji is cute, and anyone can add it to their messages to show that they are asking for information or favor. It might also mean that you want to send a goodnight kiss to your friends, your other half, or family.

Crown Emoji 👑

Way back in 2010, this emoji was released, and people would frequently call it the King emoji, while others would refer to it as the Queen emoji. The crown emoji portrays a picture of a crown with gold plates and jewelry around it, and it is also a representation of the royal crown or a King.

Another meaning is being at the top of the best in something and, most significantly, royalty. In western countries, they pair this emoji in words such as my queen, my king, or your highness.


It’s typical for many individuals to use multiple emojis to add life, meaning, and color to their messages. If you wish to have a fun and thrilling method in communicating with some, try using emojis. Using emojis is convenient, especially in communication, because our generation now welcomes it as a way to express feelings. If you have to deliver beautiful messages to other individuals, being romantic with your partner, or describe what you feel right now, start adding emojis to your messages.

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