Why Online Permit Portal is the Need of the Hour for Municipal Authorities?

Although city municipalities had started migrating to online portals for forms and permits a long time ago, the recent coronavirus pandemic, which made social distancing necessary has prompted those lagging behind to shift to the online permit portal too. 

The innovative portals for requesting permits online has drastically transformed the conventional way of using printed forms that were normally used to obtain permissions from city authorities. The online portals have provided an excellent and efficient way for residents and vendors to submit permit applications and even pay permit fees using only their computers and without having to physically visit the offices of the relevant authorities. 

Online Permit Portal

Why do you need permits and why is the online permit portal the perfect choice to get permits?

Let’s take a look at the different types of permits that residents and vendors often have to request from municipalities and the reasons behind them.

Road Opening Permits

A road opening permit, ROP for short, is needed when a road requires repairing, replacing, installing, for maintenance or when upgrading certain utilities, such as electric cables and telecommunication lines, and even for repairing sewage lines. 

Earlier, people had to visit the relevant municipal office in person and apply for the permit manually. However, since the safety regulations for fighting against COVID-19 pandemic outline social distancing norms, this is not practical anymore. 

Thus, an online permit system is an excellent solution to apply for road opening permits while following social distancing regulations at the same time. 

Planning and Zoning Permits

Before developing any plot of land within the limits of the city municipality, a planning permit is required. A zoning permit is needed to use the specific plot of land for its intended purpose. The regulations controlling development differ from district to district. So, developers need to be aware of the zone under which the particular plot of land comes and the number of regulations that apply to its development. 

Due to the social distancing regulations in place, it has become nearly impossible to get planning and zoning permits from the relevant municipal offices. Hence, the online permit platform is the ideal choice for municipalities to ensure smooth zoning and planning permit allocation and makes it easier for developers to apply for the permit as well. 

Building Permits

Building permits are needed when homeowners or land developers have to construct, demolish, remove, repair, extend, or convert buildings in any way. Conventionally, getting a building permit required collecting the correct documents and ensuring compliance with municipal regulations before submitting an application to the concerned municipal authority manually. 

However, with the online permit portal, it has become immensely easier and more efficient to apply and get permits for building modifications today. 

How does the online permit portal work?

The Ignatiuz online permit portal guides the applicant through the entire permit process efficiently. The process starts with the applicant submitting the request online. Only a legal entitlement is required to submit an application in the online permit system and the relevant details need to be kept handy. 

The entire online application process for permits takes only around 15 to 20 minutes to get done. These are the individual steps in the online permit processing system:

STEP 1 – Applicant’s information

The applicant is required to enter all personal information which is asked on the permit application page. Make sure that the details entered in the online portal are accurate and without error. Also, make sure to keep all the required documents handy with you at the time of applying. 

STEP 2 – Location details

The second step requires entering the details of the location, such as the specific address of the location for which the permit is required. 

STEP 3 – Work details

The next step requires the applicant to specify the type of work for which the permit is required. 

STEP 4 – Upload documents

The fourth step requires the applicant to upload all the necessary documents and files that are mandatory for getting the permit. The documents and files can be uploaded with just a few clicks and are stored in a completely safe and secure database with only the relevant authority having access. 

STEP 5 – Review and check

This step gives the applicant a chance to review and check their application request. This is an opportunity to ensure that only the correct and relevant information and details have been provided so that the application for permit gets approved without any hassle. 

STEP 6 – Pay and submit

This is the last step in the online application process for permits. It lets the applicant choose the convenient method of payment of permit fees and submit the application successfully. 

Always make sure to choose the best and most reliable online permit portal system, such as that offered by Ignatiuz so that your township or city can make development and maintenance easier and more efficient. 

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