YouTube Ads For Beginners: Things You Need To Know To Launch And Optimize

A YouTube Video Advertising Campaign

Video content is compelling content, especially in these days when the potential clients for most of the businesses are spending their time on the internet by watching YouTube videos. YouTube has more than a billion users. That is almost one-third of all the people on the internet. And each day, people watch a billion hours of videos on YouTube.

If that was not already enough, YouTube every day reaches billions of viewers aged from 18 to 49, which is more than any cable network in the US. However, that is not everything.

According to the reports published on “The State of Video Marketing in 2018,” almost 81 percent of people are mostly convinced to buy a product after they watch a video by the brand. These videos can be tutorials, “How to” videos, guidelines, and more. Besides, when 76 percent of businesses in this report said that the videos have clearly helped them to increase their sales, it attracted many more businesses to advertise their products with video content on YouTube.

So, if you want to know how these powers of video marketing can help you to get the best benefits for your business, this is your article. Here we will tell you the things you need to know to launch and optimize a YouTube video advertising campaign.

Before we start, if you are looking for a YouTube video editing software, you can check out InVideo as it is one of the best in the market.

Before we start, you need to know the different types of YouTube ads. Check out the three different types of ads:

  • TrueView Ads:

TrueView ads are the usual video ads on YouTube. The advertisers only pay for these TrueView ads when the watchers interact with their ads. For example, if one viewer taps on the call-to-action, the advertisement giver will receive money. The advertiser will only pay when the user watches these ads for at least 30 seconds, or if they watch the complete ad. The skippable TrueView ads on YouTube can last from 12 seconds to 6 minutes, and the non-skippable ads will be 15 to 20 seconds long and not more than that.

  • Preroll Ads:

There are also some TrueView In-Stream ads that fall into the non-skippable genre, and it can play before, after the main video, and even in the mid-roll. These ads are known as Preroll ads. These ads can be 15 to 20 seconds of duration.

There are many mid-roll ads that start in the midway of a YouTube video and are non-skippable as well.

  • Bumpers:

These are the shortest types of YouTube ads. These ads are mostly 6 seconds long and not more than that. These ads start playing before the chosen video of the viewer. Although, because of the length, bumpers could not tell huge stories. However, they can make announcements about large product launch videos or events. It might also complement some larger videos as well. So, you should use these 6 seconds wisely to get the best out of these bumpers. You can start making such videos over here.

Now you know about the three different types of ads on YouTube, here is how to advertise on the search engine?

Depending on your expectations, here is how your advertisements on YouTube are going to differ. Here are some of our tips on how to advertise on YouTube and how you can do that.

Building brand awareness:

Building brand awareness is the best thing you can do with advertisements on YouTube. With these different types of ads, you can introduce your products to the people who never knew much about our brand. The people who know nothing about your brand will get a chance to know about it. If this is your adjective of posting ads on YouTube as well, you should plan your ads in a way that provides brand awareness.

Influencing the buyer’s decision:

As we have already stated in the article. Almost 81 percent of people have agreed that they go for a buy after watching videos of different brands. So, if you can make and edit videos that will tell your customers why exactly your product will be the justified option for your customers to buy, your potential customers will surely come running towards your products. So, include hard evidence to back-up your claims in the video and convert it into the best one, and you can start capitalizing on it.

Growing sales:

Growth in sales is another thing you will get while posting advertisements on YouTube. There are a bunch of ideas to branch out to look alike customers and the audiences you have never opted for earlier. Go deep down to your brain to storm out these new and unique ideas or copy some from the highly successful brands, and it will help you sure to grow your sales. The more people see your ads, the more attracted they get to your products, the more growth in the sales graphs. So, research your ways to link your products with more and more people. And you can start growing your sales like never before.

Increase your brand’s loyalty:

Making your brand trustworthy to your customers will help you to make your brand grow prosperously. If you have a loyal and returning customer base, no one can ever make your business fall. So always try to increase the loyal customer base by making trustworthy relationships with your customers. So, you can invite more of your customers to talk about your products in small video clips. Instead of giving scripted testimonials, attach these to the advertisements. This way, your relationships with your customer base will grow, and also, you will attract more new customers. Check them out below.

So, these are some of the things you needed to know about the YouTube advertisement videos. These videos will increase the connection between your business and customers and will surely attract new customers towards your business as well.

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